JobFlash Presentation

JobFlash is a jobbing platform based in Yaoundé and soon throughout Cameroon.

JobFlash allows you to exchange services between individuals. Our platform directly connects "jobbers" who offer their services, with people looking for help with their small jobs or in their daily tasks: childcare, moving, gardening ......


The advantages are very numerous: for the Posteur the JobFlash platform puts you in touch with jobbers ready from your home. These jobbers with qualities and verified skills are given the mission to meet your expectations and those at satisfactory costs. For Jobbers JobFlash allows you to get a job near you.


JobFlash jobbers are individuals or auto-entrepreneurs. They are checked and evaluated after each hand delivered to our platform. In addition certifications and evaluations are visible on their profiles. You can consult them before selecting your jobbers. Moreover those if accept the general conditions of use before creating their accounts (GCU).


How does it work?

Four steps needed to better benefit from our services


Create an account

To create an account, click on the register button at the top of the page. Then on the page that appears enter your email, password and choose between jobbeur and postereur then click on Save


Edit your profile

After creating your account, a user icon appears in the page click on it, on the menu click Dashboard. Once on your dashboard click on the button Edit Profile and fill in all your basic information (phone number, address, photo, social network link ...) and finally click save.


Looking for a Job

You have several options to search for a Job. You can search for a Job from the search bar on the home page by entering the Job you are looking for and the search area. You can also search for a Job by clicking on the All Jobs menu or go to the Jobs section of the Home page which displays the recent jobs with the See More option to browse all Jobs.


Apply to a Job

Pour postuler à un Job, cliquez sur le menu Jobs

What is JOBBING?

Jobbing can be defined by the linking of missions / tasks (jobs) with people, individuals, professionals, auto-entrepreneurs, freelancers, companies,
In the same vein, we call a "jober / jobbeur / jobber", any person (individual, professional, auto-entrepreneur, freelance, companies) connected, via internet or mobile phone, likely to contract with another person or a company, within the framework of the realization of a mission / task (job) punctual, with a payment in exchange.


Looking for a job?

By putting you in touch with a job offeror who needs your know-how to solve his need, FlashJob allows you to get a job near you. Register and visit regularly our site to take advantage of job offers available every day on our website. If our customers are satisfied with your service your profile will be displayed at the top of the list and you will be more recommended.